Thursday, May 14, 2009

Making changes

I haven't written here for weeks because life got in the way. In that time I have organised volunteers to paint the inside of the scout hall and spent huge amounts of time down there myself painting and moving stuff back to where it should be and I have waited round for flooring people to arrive to give quotes to put in new lino.
I worked a few days teaching First Aid and then gave 6 weeks notice after a guy pointed a gun at me. It was one of those replica guns that are actually lighters but its pretty hard to tell when you are busy teaching and someone points something like that at you. That was the last straw and I decided that the really good classes no longer outweighed the terrible classes. So maybe I'll live on my savings and make a few quilts for a while.

I'm making a quilt for an exhibition called 'A Change in the Weather' which will be at Minerva Gallery in Cuba St, Wellington, in June and then at The Cloakroom Gallery in Queenstown in July. The theme is Climate Change and the group making the exhibition has varying levels of knowledge on the topic and includes at least one climate change sceptic which should make things interesting.
The exhibitors are all Australian and New Zealand quilters. Wendy Lugg, Margery Goodall, Dijanne Cevaal, Gloria Loughman, Sue Wood, Jenny Bowker, Clare Plug, Clare Smith, Ronnie Martin, Cheryl Comfort, Sue Wademan.