Thursday, December 5, 2013

Objectspace Exhibition, costumes etc.

This is what the wallhanging at Objectspace looks like today. Next week the curator will add another color. The wheat hasn't started sprouting yet!

This week I have been making hats for a ballet performance and now I have sprayed one of them with gold and have gold fingers and bits of gold on my glasses. The next thing to do is add gold foil.

I realize that this is quite a mixture, dance costumes and conceptual object art. I guess we have to be generalists as textilists, costumes are my 'bread and butter' that is 'when i get paid' although most people are happy to pay for materials and less interested in paying for my making skills.

Here are the two hats I have been working on:

Headdress for La Bayadere , the Golden Idol
 I tried a variety of methods before settling on using some Guipure lace I had in my stash. Now I just need to find more. Lots of gold spray paint and gold foil on top. I am very pleased with the result.

Turban for the slave master guy, La Bayadere