Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tripping to Japan, Sweden and the UK

I am managing to pull together all the parts of my trip in September.

I have booked the Japanese part
I have booked my way as far as Stockholm but not back to the UK yet, as I am wondering about catching the ferry to Tallinn

I have 5-7 days in the UK to visit relies and I fly out from Heathrow

Let me know if you visit my blog and are interested in a textile tutor in any of those places!


Lux light festival sculptures, Wellington storm, Textile Fibre Forum article

Today I recieved my copies of the magazine Textile Fibre Forum with my article about the Vertical Dyeing project' from last year. I think the article looks good!

The LUX light sculptures are all around the central city , the exhibition ends tonight. They were meant to be up on Friday but the weather was too bad so the opening was saturday night.

 The moon was very large and very bright, it was too bright for most photos so I took a picture of it separately. It would have looked nice with some tree branches in the foreground or some sort of silhouette.

We had a massive storm on Thursday night and Friday. By saturday the wind was down to the normal Wellington gale force winds but on Friday night the wind was gusting up to 200kms on the top of hills. Here is some of the tree damage at our local park (Willowbank).

There is a house under this tree somewhere.

Here is a video that the city council made of the storm cleanup.

Photos of the Wellington luxfestival light sculptures

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Costumes and photos

I'm still doing more costume work than quilting at the moment. I spent yesterday helping put finishing touches on costumes for a photoshoot and today helping with costumes for the Gilbert and Sullivan society here in Wellington. In the end I ran out of time to take a photo for a photo challenge during daytime and spent the last half an hour trying to take a photo inside the house. The theme is 'One Bright thing' . The picture of the glowstick wasn't very successful so I ended up taking a picture of the log fire - which says it all really - it is cold here and has been raining all weekend. Next weekend is the shortest day for us here at the bottom of the world.


Keep warm everyone

Sunday, June 9, 2013

With my costumier hat on!

Over the last few weeks I have not been making quilts but instead have been making costumes for several productions. The most recent has been The Phantom of the Opera which starts in Wellington on Wednesday night. I have been working with two other people from 11am-11pm to finish work which was started by a team who ran out of time. there are over 180 costumes and it really is a massive task.

if you know the production then you might understand this - we finished off the bride and mirror bride, Mr and Mrs Firman's outfits, the confidante, some of the characters from the play within a play -Il Muto.

A few weeks ago I was doing screenprinting for another production and I am just finishing up some white floaty things for a photoshoot.

The don't think I can put any pictures here till after the productions start as I don't want to give e game away.

I am teaching a bookmaking class through chalkle on Wednesday this week, 2 spaces left. Google chalkle Wellington and look for the class on Wednesday - it is only $16 per person.