Monday, June 22, 2009

A bit of time out

A detail shot of Clare Plug's quilt 'Icecrack 6'. Clare went to Antarctica a couple of years ago as a visiting artist and currently has a wonderful exhibition at Napier Museum which will travel to Manawatu, Christchurch and I think Auckland.

Ronnie Martin from Nelson made a quilt showing the possibilities of sea level rise
Above shot is from Left to right - my quilt 'Irrigation', Cheryl Comfort's quilt 'Unless', Ronnie's quilt 'Changing Tides' and Jenny Bowker's quilt 'Hot Water, Dead Sea'.

I've neglected the Blog whilst having a spot of surgery. I still get a bit dizzy if I sit up for too long so its been hard to keep up with email etc. We had a nice article about the 'Change in the Weather' show in last Saturday's (20th June) Dominion Post newspaper thanks to Ann Packer. Here are some further photos of the quilts in the show.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Climate Change exhibition continued

This is a detail shot of Cheryl Comfort's quilt which was extremely hard to photograph! Her quilt and statement were getting a lot of attention at the opening of the exhibition. This is her statement.
UNLESS someone like you
cares a whole awful lot
nothing is going to get better
It’s not.
The Lorax
Dr Seuss

Unless we change
Unless we take responsibility
Unless it’s a hoax
Unless I make a change
Unless we do it now

Above is the quilt by Gloria Loughman which is on the exhibition invitation. It is called Acid Rain.

This is a detail of Dijanne Cevaal's quilt, called 'Extreme Conditions'. It is inspired by her diary entry on the day of the big fires in Victoria, Australia.

A Change in the Weather Exhibition

Well the exhibition is open now at Minerva Gallery (237 Cuba St, Wellington) and it looks great. The theme is Climate change and we had a scientist, Howard Larsen, from the Ministry For the Environment say a few words to open the exhibition. We had planned to get my husband to do this as he is also a climate change scientist but he was away in Europe on the day.

The quilts are all about 50cm wide by 150cm long which is a good size for that gallery and gives a lot of nice space around the quilts.

The quilt above is mine and is about irrigation.