Saturday, November 7, 2009

More Boro textile info

The last two posts have been about Boro textiles. I have since found a website from the UK about sashiko which is very good.

The catalogue for the exhibition of Boro I found (by accident) in Tokyo is available to order from Gallery Tsumugi
Thanks to Donna Watson for her advice on this.

I've been having a go myself at Sashiko, and here are the results. Very traditional at the moment but liable to change at any time!


  1. I tired to find an appropriate place on the Layers of Lives pages and was unsuccessful. Thus, I am posting on the first open spot, I see. I am intrigued by your work:"layers of lives" as it not only fascinating but lovely candy for my eyes. Thank you for bring such lovelieness to life.

  2. Hi
    I only just saw this post, sorry not to answer it. Thankyou for your comments. Regards