Saturday, October 2, 2010


Fabric-a-brac is happening in Wellington on 13 November.
Sat 13 Nov, 9am-1pm
St Anne's Hall, end of Emmett St, Newtown, Wellington

Details on Thought you might be interested as there's lots of great fabric for sale. There's still tables available for those who want to sell too!(actually I have that in the side column too, maybe not visible enough)

Bookmaking exhibition
Toi Poneke (Wellington Arts centre, Abel Smith St)
1-24 October
9-7.30 weekdays, 10-4 weekends

Meissen Kimono Exhibition
Expressions Gallery
Upper Hutt

Pinestream Quilters Show
Expressions Gallery
Upper Hutt


  1. Hi Clare
    glad you found Jenny via my blog - small world isn't this? I've enjoyed looking at your blog and yes, am very envious about your forthcoming trip - I hope I shall be able to read about it at least. When will your article be in NZ Quilter btw, I'll watch out for it. There is so much going on in NZ in the textiles and crafts field, I can't wait for my next visit (and to catch up with Jenny again!)

  2. Hi Lis
    I mention yours blog and Jenny:s blog in my Websearch article for new Zealand Quilter. Should come out in November? I am sitting in Kansai airport trying to distract myself from the dream cakes. They do very nice cakes in Japan. I am trying to eat only Japanese food, does it count if it is a sandwuch but has an unusual combination of foods in it? I just ate one that appeared to have potato salad and wasabi