Thursday, January 6, 2011

Snow Monkeys

We woke up this morning and looked out of our hotel window and the world had turned white. It doesn't really snow in Wellington, New Zealand (well it does occasionally but doesn't stay on the ground long), so this is very exciting although, at the end of the day it was getting a bit cold and some of the novelty had worn off.
Photo by Chris

Photo by Chris

We went up to see the snow monkeys at Yudanaka Monkey park. It was pretty cold and there were a lot more monkeys in the onsen (hot pool) than there were in October when I was here.

 The monkeys carry on their daily activities such as grooming in the hot pool. When they get too hot they loll on the sides of the pool with their arms out of the water just like people in the Rotorua hot pools in NZ.

 Altogether it was a pretty amazing day. The monkeys were in fine form with little ones chasing each other in the snow and the adults all sitting in the hot pools. Tomorrow we are off to Kyoto for 6 days.

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