Friday, April 27, 2012

Conceptual art

Sometimes I think I'm living in a different world from most of the tutors and at least some of the students. So I've been reading a lot of books and looking at websites trying to find conceptual art that 'speaks to me' and that I 'get'.

 I thought I'd share some of the interesting stuff I have found along the way. Some of it is conceptual art and some is just fun.

Shoes that make everyone the same height by Hans Hemmert

Also by Hans Hemmert , these yellow balloons.

On a more serious note this pile of candy by Felix Gonzalez-Torres is called 'Portrait of Ross'
Find out why by clicking on the link above. When I read about it, it all made sense.

Here's something I saw in a show at the Manawatu art gallery years ago and I can't find a picture of it or find out who made it. An artist had sculpted legs made of brown sugar. It was about amputations of limbs because of diabetes (hence the sugar) and the artist was talking about Pacific Island people and diabetes. It was very clever and I would love to be able to show a picture and put the artists name if anyone knows who it is.

This is really interesting from a design perspective.
Samantha Murray made 5 fruit scented liquid fabric dresses for her final year at Massey University.

I'll add more as I re-find all my favourites of the last few weeks.

P.S Are any of you from Russia? I found out that there are more page views on my blog from Russia than any other country. Either I have a number of fans in Russia who look at this blog occasionally, or one person looks at this blog a great many times a day or a computer is trying to find a way to spam me :-) So if you are from Russia please say hi so I know you are a real person!

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