Monday, February 11, 2013

Classes and kids

On the weekend I drove my son and his drumkit to Auckland for the start of the university year. On Monday I got home again, had 20 mins at home then went to Nancy's embroidery ' meet the teachers ' evening where 2 of my classes sold out (we are negotiating dates for more classes).

Today we are packing

Tomorrow I fly to Christchurch with my younger son for the start of his first year at university doing engineering. 

On Thursday I will fly back from Christchurch to a house with no kids.

This will be very strange. No more freezer full of bread. No more 4 baskets of washing. No more play station/magic the gathering/computer games/weird sonic art music/drums playing.

Now I need a job or I will go mad. I'm studying this year but I only have a lecture on Wednesdays at 5.30pm.

Anyone got a job for me!  :-)


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