Sunday, June 9, 2013

With my costumier hat on!

Over the last few weeks I have not been making quilts but instead have been making costumes for several productions. The most recent has been The Phantom of the Opera which starts in Wellington on Wednesday night. I have been working with two other people from 11am-11pm to finish work which was started by a team who ran out of time. there are over 180 costumes and it really is a massive task.

if you know the production then you might understand this - we finished off the bride and mirror bride, Mr and Mrs Firman's outfits, the confidante, some of the characters from the play within a play -Il Muto.

A few weeks ago I was doing screenprinting for another production and I am just finishing up some white floaty things for a photoshoot.

The don't think I can put any pictures here till after the productions start as I don't want to give e game away.

I am teaching a bookmaking class through chalkle on Wednesday this week, 2 spaces left. Google chalkle Wellington and look for the class on Wednesday - it is only $16 per person.


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