Saturday, September 14, 2013

In japan

I forgot I had a blog!
I haven't had much access to wifi either since I left New Zealand either. I am in japan and have been to the beach and down a small part of a pilgrims path, then I sprained my ankle falling off a bike (japanese bikes are longer than ours and a bit unwieldy). So I have been a bit out of action for a few days, luckily we have friends in osaka who came and rescued me as I couldn't walk.

It is very hot here and although it is supposed to be autumn I don't recommend a visit in early september. Go in November for the autumn leaves or winter which is snowy and beautiful, but don't go to japan in summer it is humid and hot. A typhoon is heading towards us tomorrow too.

Shirahama beach and onsen area south of osaka.

A 6cm long cicada on the path.

Kumamoto kodo pilgrims trail

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