Thursday, October 31, 2013

Quilt sale this week

Hi anyone who reads this blog, this week I have decided to clear the decks a bit. I want to sell some quilts at much much lower than usual prices (enough to cover materials only) as my airing cupboard is full and I'd like to get some money together to pay for membership of the World Shibori  Network (plus possibly go to their symposium in China next year). Postage will be additional to the price.

I am going to Melbourne on the 10th of November so can post from there if anyone from Australia wants to buy something.

I will also be at the Whitireia campus in Paraparaumu this weekend for the Kapiti Arts and Crafts Trail if anyone wants to see the quilts in person. The campus is on the corner of Kapiti Rd and Milne Rd, Paraparaumu from 9-4 Saturday and 10-4pm Sunday.

  Title: Harakeke II. size 150cm X 50cm. Price NZ$150. Plus postage. SOLD
 Title: They are building on my View! size 101cm X 141cm  Price: NZ$150 plus postage. GONE

 Title: Grassland 5. Size 48cm x 48cm. Price NZ$50 Plus postage
 Title: Alien Invasions: rabbits. size: 101cm X 141cm. Price NZ$150 plus postage. SOLD
Title: There's not as much snow. Size 105cm x 83cm. NZ$120 plus postage
 Title: Fish, Fish. Size 50 X 50cm Price NZ$50 plus postage
 Title:  Size 50 X 50cm Price NZ$50 plus postage

  Title:  Size 50 X 50cm Price NZ$50 plus postage
 Title:  Size 50 X 50cm Price NZ$80 plus postage

  Title: Te Horoeka (The Lancewood) III. 108cm X 74cm Price NZ$150 plus postage
 Title: Back of beyond. (Inspired by the Gascoigne area,  Western Australia). 93cm X 145cm. Price NZ$200 plus postage.
Title: They are Building on my View II. Size: 51 X 103cm. Price: NZ$80.

Each quilt has a story, and I would be happy to tell you all about it if you buy one!

I will be adding more once I have taken some photos. If you would like to buy something please contact me at smith_c* (please change the star to an @ sign).

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