Saturday, March 1, 2014

Surgery :-(

Hi everyone
I wasn't sure whether to post this or not. It feels like I am just making excuses for not updating my blog but in the end I decided that I would write it down in case it helps anyone else.
After many years of having a lump on my thyroid checked it was biopsied and suspicious cells were found. At the beginning of February I had a thyroidectomy and on Monday I will also be told of the pathology results and plans for follow up treatment. If it is cancer, it is very treatable and most people do well after the initial hiccup of surgery then getting medication right. So if you have a lump in your neck, go and see the doctor.

I'm not getting very much done at the moment, I'm sleeping a lot and going to a lot of appointments either for myself or with my mother who is also going through hospital treatment. I have however been invited to join a group of textile artists who have a website called Through Our hands. They represent a wonderful lineup of textile artists and I'm very excited to be asked to be a member of the group.

here is the only thing that I've worked on recently, it is a class sample for the New Zealand Quilt Symposium in January 2015. I'm hoping to quilt it and take better photos next week when my scar has healed up a bit. At the moment it is a bit hard to stretch my arms out, looking up is even harder!


  1. I have sent you an e-mail to the address on your website as I am a survivor of thyroid cancer so I wanted to 'share my experience' as they say.

  2. Bugger. As far as excuses go, I think that's a pretty good one. Better than, 'the dog ate my blog post' anyway. My fingers are crossed for you that it's all benign. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Hope your Mum's ok too.