Saturday, April 12, 2014

Updated quilt - complete...

Here it is , finished. The new border is sewn on, it has a more conventional hanging sleeve and a label on the back. It is rectangular , the photography isn't that brilliant , and it is rather unevenly quilted so I might do a bit of tweaking to make it hang flat. It looks a lot better without the ugly black borders. For a little quilt made 25 years ago, it doesn't look too bad. The screen printing ink hasn't faded very much at all, and once I'd got the dust off, it brightened up considerably. All in all, I'm very pleased.

Before shot

After finishing the quilt I made something for a challenge I'd given my Facebook friends, Many of us have been stuck at home due to bad weather, illness or in my case , treatment which makes me radioactive, so I have been stuck at home since Wednesday.

I have wanted to make a teacup pin cushion for some time. It is cute and girly and not at all conceptual, just the thing for a rainy afternoon. The glue is still wet. I think I might need a lie down now...


  1. I've always thought a cup of tea can fix anything...

  2. A cup of tea and a lie down (except I don't drink tea)