Friday, September 18, 2015

6 Sewing tools that make life easier

Where would we be without an Unpicker (Quick Unpick), would we still be using snips or scissors?

How would I manage without my rotary cutter (s) - one for paper, one for fabric and one spare because I can never find them in the mess. Of course then I need the plastic ruler to go with it.

Cutting mat - can't do without that, I use it for cutting fabric and paper. At the moment I am making class samples for The Embroiderers Great Escape 2017. It does seem an awful long way away at the moment but they need pictures for the brochure and publicity.

SewEzi Table - allows me to drop my sewing machine down into the table which helps move flat projects easily under the machine. I've got two of these tables now and I find it hard to work without them. I take one to classes and leave one set up in my sewing room ready to go.
I've got 2 different sewing machines, a Juki and a Bernina 550 so I have separate table inserts for each machine and now that I have two  tables I can have both set up at once and not have to keep changing thread when swapping from quilting to costuming projects. The SewEzi table folds flat to go in the car and was designed in New Zealand.

Walking Foot for the sewing machine
I use it for quilting my quilts, sewing on bindings and for slippery fabrics or ones which move like velvet. I don't think I could manage without it these days.
Gardening gloves
I use these to give me more grip when I'm machine quilting, the brand I use are fabric on the back of the hands and rubbery on the palms. I buy them from my local supermarket and the brand name is Showa.

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