Friday, October 7, 2016


I've been wanting to go to Rajasthan for years and when I saw that a tour I had heard about had some spaces, I signed up. I have been in New Delhi for 4 days having a look around by myself and the tour officially starts today but we are just waiting for two more people.
In the last 4 days I have learned about tourist touts, been to a shopping mall with a family from a small village who had never been in an escalator, been to a children's home/educational project for girls, been in some hair raising traffic jams with cars, rickshaws and tuktuks driving all over the place, and bought a few bits which I probably should have paid less for, but were still cheap.

A cheap form of transport which can be exciting driving. More like bumper cars at the fair.
Shopping for bling with the kids.

Now that I have found an app to use with blogger I might be able to update more easily. My 2 favourite apps are no longer available and I hadn't used them for so long i didn't know why they were crashing.

This app is much easier to use.

So today I'm off to the Khan market then tomorrow the tour starts properly.

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  1. Cool, you got to see an elephant already? We've only seen 2, in Jaipur. There were heaps more around last time we were here! - Amber