Wednesday, August 23, 2017

100 days Project

We are now up to day 94 of the 100 days project. Within that 100 days I  spent 35 days on holiday in Australia stitching away in dimly lit motels and hostels. I had about 15 days to catch up when i got back but I'm pretty proud of having managed to keep going despite the time away. Here are some of the techniques I used during  the 100 days. This group of stitched squares was from when I was on holiday and didn't have access to all my 'stuff'.
playing with running stitch

Playing with running stitch after visiting Uluru

Tracks on the beach from hermit crabs

French knots after seeing the sand bubbler crab's sand balls.

The 100 days squares starting to add up
Today I discovered a new process (for me). Discharging indigo using potassium Permanganate.

painting on potassium permanganate thickened with Gum Tragacanth

Starting to change colour

The gum starting to break down, looks like black currant jam.

The fabric after it has been washed in a citric acid solution and then washed and dried.
It is exciting to try a technique I hadn't done before. The recipe is from this book by Susan Bosence.
Hand Block printing and Resist Dyeing. Published in 1985.

Potassium permanganate can be pretty toxic, don't dispose of it in the environment as it kills fish. It won't be good for your septic tank either. Use with care.

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