Saturday, February 20, 2010

Commission no.2

I have also just finished a commission for a company. They wanted a quilt made of squares of different types of fabrics, lots of textures i.e corduroy, silk, leather, furnishing fabrics, cheesecloth.
I put out a call to friends to ask for shades of mid to dark blue in different weights of fabric and managed with their help to collect enough of a range that I didn't have to buy 20cm lengths in order to get 3inch squares. Thanks Coastal Quilters and Jude Hutton!

It is quite a traditional quilt in dark to mid tones but has white machine embroidery over the top. It wouldn't win any prizes in a quilt show but is going to be changed using computer imagery and have images projected over the top. Part of the brief was that it had to look 'handmade'.

Hopefully I will eventually get to see what they use it for. Like most commissions, the time frame was quite short and I did have to extend my working day to 2am on a couple of nights. Housekeeping and cooking has been non-existent the last week.

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