Thursday, April 29, 2010

day 3 Japan - Nikko


On day 3 we headed for Nikko. The cherry blossom 'front' had only just started  in Nikko as it is colder up there so there were a lot less trees covered in blossom.  The photos are from around Toshugu Shrine. On the left are a newly married couple in wedding clothes.
The papers tied to the wires are fortunes. If they are good fortunes you keep them but if they are bad you tie them to the fence wires instead of taking them home. My fortune was good so I kept it.
There was snow on the mountains and still some piles of snow on the ground around the temples.

These flags were flying in advance for boys day (5th May) when people celebrate manly endeavours and small boys get given carp flags to fly. Often called 'Children's Day' these days I'm told.

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