Monday, January 2, 2012

Hong kong

I have just spent the last few days at the shibori symposium in hong kong.there have been some very interesting sessions including a short workshop on laser engraving of fabric and a natural dyeing workshop by MIchel Garcia which demystified indigo. I am keen to try his version of an indigo vat which uses indigo , lime and either fructose, henna or fruit peels. all are way nicer to use than the nasty chemicals in most other recipes.

New years night was quite fun as we bought tickets to a cocktail party on top of a hotel where we could se the fireworks which came out of the tops of the skyscrapers down at the waterfront.

I have some nice photos but I don't seem to be able to find a way of putting them in the blog using my iPad.

I have finally stopped rushing around sightseeing and shopping as I have caught a cold and feel rather miserable and drippy. Tomorrow we are doing fabric shopping for silk and I don't want to miss that! sham shui Po apparently is the place to go for fabric and trim.

The shops here are amazing but I haven't bought much as the sizes are a bit small. I have bought a few antique bits and pieces, heaven knows whether they Are authentic but they didn't cost much so it probably doesn't matter. Of course I have also bought books which is usually my downfall.

I wish I could include photos but I can't find a way so will post some after the 5th of January when I get back to new Zealand. I recommend hong kong as wonderful place to visit.


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