Friday, January 27, 2012

The New and the Old - Macau side trip

I am writing this retrospectively because I didn't have time before I left for a 2 week family holiday in the Coromandel .

Anyway I'd heard a lot about Macau from a friend whose daughter worked there for 6 months as a singing gondolier at the Macau Venetian Hotel. I thought the idea of a singing Gondolier in Macau was so incongruous that I had to see it myself.
It is true! they have made Venice inside the hotel except that everything is way cleaner than in the real Venice and there are lots more fancy shops. I think the sky changes colour from day to night as well, like Venus Fort in Tokyo, very disconcerting.

Check out the blue water in the canals.

The Venetian Hotel/Casino was bad enough but the Galaxy Casino and Hotel was just completely over the top.

The main audience is Mainland Chinese and the shops are very fancy brands. Loved the gold and red tiled floor though.

The other casino that I saw was the Grand Lisboa.

It was like the architects were able to go with their wildest design ideas.

However I was really more interested in the older historic parts of Macau but I don't think I found what I was looking for. Maybe I would need to more time to find the heart of Macau.

 Spiral incense burning slowly
 Older style letterboxes in a crumbling apartment building
 Narrow streets with local shops and apartments, a far cry from the glittering casinos.
 Caged birds taken out for an outing in the park.
 Incense sticks sprouting from a crack in the pavement
 A poster for an exhibition that I would love to have seen, except that I never found the gallery
 Christmas decorations in the older part of Macau
What happens to Christmas decorations on about the 4th of January. Poor old santa...

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