Saturday, July 21, 2012

Watermark exhibition - extras

This is me up the ladder pouring dye into the cups at the start of the day.

 Shadow on the wall behind the wallhanging

 When they were white the shadow was hard to see but as they became more and more coloured the shadow became more and more distinct. This the wall behind the green image on day 4
 Behind day 3 - red wallhanging
When I first started developing this technique this was my test piece. I have hung it in the window and it shows the details better. The window has wire squares so it looks like the image has a grid.


  1. Wow, just saw a link to your blog through facebook Clare. I really enjoyed reading these posts about your exhibition, stunning work, would love to have seen it in person! Breda

  2. Hi Breda
    Thanks for your comment. It was great fun, you should have been there :-)

  3. Your work does call for a "WOW"! But, it needs something more stupendous, remarkable, awesome. I tried to find more about the textiles. Do you quilt them? What are they made from. How did you come up with this idea? Well, there's loads of questions, and I'm happy to have subscribed to your blog. Amazing!

  4. Liz asks all the questions that I have. It's a fascinating exhibit and I wish I could have seen it.