Sunday, August 5, 2012

New vertical dyeing images

Well I had a brief foray into a new design for my blog and it looked really cool, but there was a problem! I couldn't find out how to sign in or make a new post. There was no button for that. So for the moment I think I will stick with the old design.

Last week I decided to tackle the last wallhanging which was dyed at the exhibition. It only got half dyed because it needed to be dry when we took the exhibition down so was only able to be dyed for a few hours instead of days. So last week I dyed it again, in between doing a one week intensive course in web design (yes, html and CSS and I'm rubbish at it).

Here are some new images of Zealandia, Wellington's bird sanctuary.

 A bit wishy washy after rinsing.

After readying.
I still have to rinse it suit won't be as dark as this in the end.

I like it much better than the wishy washy version.

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