Saturday, March 28, 2009

Scout Conference

I spent the weekend at a Scout Conference where they launched the new brand, logo, slogan etc. They had some good speakers and we all came out energized and ready to sort out the world, or at least out little scout areas/groups/troops anyway.

Now that is out of the way I can concentrate on getting ready for the New Zealand Quilt Symposium. I was a late ring-in as a tutor because I thought I would be more involved on the organising committee so didn't apply to be a tutor but was added to the list later. Consequently I have very small classes so we should be able to spread out and take over all the tables.
I still have to dye metres of blue fabric for kits and find stuff for a class I am taking myself with Ann Fleeton (felt making). Clare


  1. I've only just got my fabric sorted for my classes. And that is just the fabric, still have to get threads, fusible webbing pens, pencils etc. I'm pleased I am hiring a machine. At least I won't have to lug that around.

  2. I am doing a class too with Ann Fleeton, I suppose I should start getting stuff together to.