Friday, April 3, 2009

reverse stitching

Yesterday I quilted half a quilt using straight lines about 3 mm apart. Today I am unpicking them because the batting was too puffy and the backing got more and more tangled. I was trying to save money so used what I had, instead of buying what I needed. Poo


  1. Definitely poo! We can all relate to that :-)

  2. You do realise you can probably pull apart that too-thick batting so that you have two pieces each the same size but half the thickness?
    If it's a large piece you might need help of one or two sets of hands to manoeuvre it carefully through the process, taking it slowly and evenly... good luck.

  3. It wasn't really all that thick, it was lo-loft but needed to be cotton. The lines are so close together that even lo-loft was too thick.