Thursday, April 30, 2009

painting the hall (instead of fabric)

I've spent the week getting the local scout hall ready for painting, letting the volunteers from BNZ bank in to paint the hall, painting a second coat on a couple of side rooms, waiting for people to come and measure up rooms for laying lino and getting ready to a working bee on sunday to paint another coat on the main hall. It would be nice to paint some fabric and make a quilt. Maybe next week (after I have made the scout vests).
I have a bad habit of getting everything out of the way before I get on with my quilts, the trouble is - everything else never ends if you are volunteer.

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  1. Oh I so hear you on that! I also volunteer to sew kids clothes for dancing comps etc (among other volunteer stuff I do) so get to sew but not on quilts.

    Now that you blogging Clare next move is to get you on facebook!

    Pam Hall