Thursday, November 14, 2013

And then the sun came out in Melbourne!

It was cold and rainy this morning but now it is glorious and this is the view from our window now that there is sun.
I walked up Collins Stand then caught the tram (112) to Brunswick st, Fitzroy which is surely the centre of all things arty and cute, as well as having great fabric shops and graffiti.

Someone gave this fella a bag of bread rolls.

I came across the silk shop I was looking for, completely by accident. I saw graffiti first then the sign for a knitting mill and then realised the 'Beautiful Silks' sign was right next to it.

Beautiful silks have everything silky that a crafts person might need. Knitting wool/silk, stuff for felting, fabrics, and threads, as well as silk scarf blanks. They run workshops there too but there is nothing on this weekend that I could do.

Silk threads for dyeing.

Back on Colins st, I saw this bike trailer with fake cyclists whose legs go round and round when the trailer moves.
And an exhibition called 'The art trail' Bundeena and Maianbar, at the ChinaConstruction bank on Collins. This picture made of aluminium coke cans was stunning. It is by Liz Borghero.

Now I just have to work out how to get to the Sandringham yacht club rooms by 7pm. Apparently it is nowhere near the station.

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