Friday, November 22, 2013

Showing off!

It is a year since I completed my GraduateDiploma at Whitireia , and it is thanks to whitireia that I have the exhibition at Objectspace which is my prize for getting 'Best of show' at the graduating exhibition last year. Although I haven't completed much work this year I have been featured in two magazines and had my work written up in another. They are

Textile Fibre Forum magazine from Australia issue110, 2013
Down Under Textiles also from Australia, current issue
newZealand Quilter, current issue

I also won theBernina prize at 'Changing Threads' exhibition in Nelson.

So many thanks to Whitireia NewZealand, Bernina New Zealand, and the magazines.

Now I just have to settle down to work again, I have been re consolidating, working out direction, dealing with family sickness and travelling this year. Next year I hope to get making! 
Every time I study art in any way, it always takes me at least a year to get over it, and find my own path again.

But before I can do anything I need to make class samples for the New ZealandQuiltSymposium2014 and make a commission which is needed as a Christmas present.
from an exhibition currently being held in Geelong of lithographs of botanical samples from Joseph Banks explorations of Australia.

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  1. Here I am tooling around cyberspace in search of blue dye that is not indigo and blog by blog I came across your pages. Black beans do not really work! Tawa station really got the bells going - I am a Wellingtonian exiled in Sydney - was once was full time textile artist who now works mainly in India. The threads of our lives take us into many places. I can't help but wonder how the native plants you dye with would work without iron which is a black dye in itself - I am waiting for the flax to bloom down on our local beach because I'd love to capture the colours in the flowers. No tuis sing down there only ragged black crows and skulking gulls. I wish you well with your healing - your love of textiles will show you the way. Carole Douglas