Friday, March 19, 2010

Advertisment commission

For the last few weeks I have been involved with making quilts for the Advertising Agency , Clemenger BBDO. I have made three quilts for them. With the first quilt I had about 7 days, but the last two were made in about 4 days each. For the last two Fridays I worked all night , finishing just as the producer arrived on the doorstep at 7am to pick them up on the way to the airport.

The adverts are for a campaign called 'Stitching Up Wellington. 'The link is to one advert where my quilt is the final shot. This quilt was done at very short notice because the original 'final shot' wasn't working and wasn't completed in time. It was filmed the same day that it was completed and I believe the advert was launched a few days later!
Below is the quilt at 6am last saturday, before the binding was added, an hour before it was picked up and flown to Auckland then filmed the same day.

The above detail shot shows the quilt all pinned together. I couldn't use fusible webbing as the designers wanted it to look very puffy. This advert will be on TV in Australia and is already showing on Channel 7 in Australia and will start on channel 9 on Sunday.  The next one will be for cinema and is similar except that it has zoomed in closer to Wellington.


  1. such an interesting quilt-- looks very large

  2. Not too bad, about 150 wide by 100cm deep. Lots of decorative stitching holding each patch down.

  3. Hi clare - have written a small piece about your residency with blog details to go into next Guild newsletter. Hope you don't mind. Looks like you are flat tack between the commissions and the experiments! Hope to catch up soon. Philippa

  4. Clare

    That ad is very cool and your quilt looks great at the end.

  5. I hope the other adverts will be out soon. The third quilt I made might be a bit more of a feature :-)