Friday, March 5, 2010

Saturday 6th March

Today I have been sorting out the garage to try and find all my different dyes and inks and material which has been dumped in there over the last year. Sometimes I teach a class and then just don't get round to putting everything away again afterwards. I have found all sorts of weird screenprinting experiments from the past , they are in the washing machine as they smelled mouldy.

This is a link to the website for an exhibition which I am involved with which is in Germany at the moment. It is called 'Southern Lands'. Unfortunately it has turned out to be quite an expensive exhibition for me as the postage was NZ$150 and then I got hit with 169 Euros customs duty for Germany which a friend has paid for at the moment but I will have to repay. The exhibition looks very nice from the photos though and it looks like my quilts fit in well with the others.

I have also got a quilt in this book '500 Art Quilts' officially launched today. The publisher is Lark Books. The quilt pictured in the book currently lives near Adelaide.
I'd rather see windmills...
Back to cooking dinner, tidying up the garage. and ironing all the fabric I washed today. Good job the weather is nice.

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