Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Artist res Day 11

I finished last week's commission just in time.  I worked from 9am on friday morning through to 6.45am on saturday morning. I finished 15 minutes before the quilt was picked up by the producer on the way to the airport. Now I have started on the third quilt for the same company. To be finished by Saturday morning. I can feel another all nighter coming on!

Consequently I don't have any really cool experiments to show off for either yesterday or today. I hope to get back into the swing of it next week but in the meantime I am earning money towards my trip to Japan in April.

Here are two pieces of fabric which were unwrapped on Tuesday. The first is a classic hippie tie-dye spiral which I did to show the technique to the students. This time I left out the pink (Procion MX8) as it is so lurid. Maybe I should have warned the Venturers about that last week as all theirs turned out very pink.
 The second piece is a bit of wool blanket which had leaves of a New Zealand native tree (shiny dark green leaves, forgotten the name) wrapped up in it and it was rolled around a piece of pipe and pole wrapped to keep all the layers tightly together. It was then boiled in plain tap water for about 4 hours but still looked very boring so I left it lying in a rusty baking tray over the weekend with a little water.
The NZ leaves are deinitely making a pink eco print. Maybe I should have left it to cook for longer. My thanks to Cleo for telling me the type of leaf. Pity I can't remember either Cleo's surname or the name of the tree! I'll edit this page when I have the info.

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