Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 3 drawing - bamboo pen

I'm still following the book 'One Drawing a Day' at this stage but I suspect I shall go off on my own pretty soon. Did I mention that you can get it as an ebook on Kindle books?

I didn't have a bamboo pen for the day 3 exercise so had to use a stick thing which may have once been a paintbrush handle. Once again it was nearly midnight before I managed to get the drawing done because I spent the day doing other stuff like gardening, washing, adjusting a dressmaking pattern to have size 10 shoulders and size 18 hips (you didn't really need to know that). In fact anything to procrastinate and put off drawing but when I start drawing I do enjoy it.

So anyway, day 3 was supposed to be a drawing of a person done in ink with a bamboo pen. People are difficult. I screwed up the first picture and have severely cropped this one so you can't see what a mess I made of the legs. Also - the hands are too small. It is an attempt at drawing one of my sons in his customary position - on the couch playing a game on his iPod.

Hi Renesstitcher, why not load some of your drawings onto your blog and I'll put a link to mine. We'll start a new blog if we get enough people to make it worthwhile.

Anyone else want to join in? It doesn't have to be scary, don't worry about how badly you draw - my son looks nothing like the picture above and the proportions are way off (he's 6ft 3ins) , we all get better with practice.

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  1. I'll do that and I also intend to put a message on the Contemporary Quilt Yahoo group (that's UK based) with a link to you. This may bring you some more participants.