Sunday, January 6, 2013

Drawing the cat and 2013 classes

Drawing for 6th Jan 2013.
Here is Jack the cat. I'm going to have another go at drawing him today using different media. I used a brush and watered down ink for these. I am trying to get away from drawing an outline and coloring it in. jack is  a brown Burmese so I've had to make him look lighter than he is. He looks like a brown blob in photos.

Here he is in real life, pretending to be a bookshelf ornament.
If you live in Wellington, New Zealand, I have just arranged to teach some classes at Nancy's Embroidery on Thorndon Quay. Mary is still doing some changes to the timetable but these are the classes. Most are only 3 hours long on a Sunday.

Machine Quilting
Machine Sashiko
Hand Sashiko
Fabric painting and printing
Handmade books (Japanese bookbinding)

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