Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Drawing a day

Loading my drawings onto the blog seemed like such a good idea until some of them started to not turn out very well. I'm too embarrassed to show anyone the drawing of the roses or the attempt at drawing my son. I did do some quick sketches tonight using watered down ink, and they aren't too bad but they are still wet so I can't put them on the scanner. One of the drawbacks of leaving the drawing till 11pm at night is that it is then too late to do another one if the first one turns out awful.

Tomorrow i am going to try to do the drawing earlier in the day and I will also load some drawings from today and maybe some of the duds :-(

Maybe I should go back to drawing with the sewing machine.

Very windy and not very warm here compared with the rest of the country which is getting some of the heatwave from Australia.

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