Monday, January 14, 2013


Today we went to Mona which is a private art gallery near Hobart which you get to by ferry. It is in a spectacular building cut right into sandstone cliffs. The art works are amazing. The exhibits are not labeled but you can read about them on iPods. Some of it is quite confronting, some more like a science experiment. One of my favourite pieces consisted of large wheels bins which had foam extruding from them. It formed tubes which grew up towards the ceiling during the day. I also liked the fat car which was about excess and consumerism. One of my sons really liked the waterfall which spelled out words which are used frequently on the news on the Internet like 'hospital' and 'MPs'. We also made light bulbs flash in time with our own heartbeat.

The university residence where we are staying is set in nice grounds. Last night I went for walk at dusk and was surprised by all the wallabies thumping around. I'd sen al the poo during the day but assumed it was possum poo which we find in nz.

I did do a drawing , bit of a blunt pencil. Might go shopping tomorrow. I love art and stationery shops.itshowsthe view from the student residence. I'm now going to look for wallabies.




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