Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Resolution!

I am going to try and do a drawing a day for as long as I can manage. Drawing has never been my strong point so I am going to practice. To start with I am following the ideas in a book called  'One Drawing a Day'.

I am posting my drawings for 1st and 2nd of January here. I am hoping to improve. If anyone would like to join me in doing a drawing a day, then leave a comment and maybe we can start a separate list or blog to share drawings. Drawings can be done using a sewing machine or by computer if that suits you better.

Happy New year and may you stick to your resolutions for as long as you can :-)

Drawing 1. 1st Jan 2013
The first exercise in the book is to draw a still life and the writers encourage you to just draw -don't worry too much if it is accurate, just keep the pen down and go for it.  I did this late at night on the 1st of Jan, after spending most of the day in the garden. I was putting off the first drawing as I was procrastinating about starting. These are a collection of Kokeshi dolls from Japan, which are on the bookcase at home. I might have another go at drawing them later using watercolor or pen and ink.

Drawing 2. 2nd Jan 2013
My sons and I spent 2 hours clearing a plant called Wandering Jew, aka Wandering Willy or Tradescantia fluminensis, from my mothers garden. New Zealanders will understand what a pain this plant is. It spreads through any shady spot in the garden, putting down roots and suffocating other plants. It is a real nuisance. We clear it one year and the next year it is all back again. I see some websites where people who live outside of New Zealand  worry that they can't keep this plant alive in a pot, I would gladly give them 8 large black rubbish bags of the stuff.
So here is my drawing for day 2.

 The book says to use pen and ink. I watered down the ink for the shading. The picture looks so innocuous , but if I chuck this scrap in the compost heap it will grow into a monster, see below.

Link for Photo above. 

The next drawing is supposed to be done using a bamboo pen but I couldn't find one of them so I will find and use a twig or feather.

So anyone want to join me?
More later

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  1. This is a great idea. My sister gave me a lovely hardback sketchbook and two pens for Christmas and I was looking for some kind of 'teacher' as I am very out of practice with my drawing. I have sent for the book from Amazon - it will take a few days to arrive but I can make a start without it. I like the idea of a blog but I am not going to volunteer to manage it!