Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Resolution!

I am going to try and do a drawing a day for as long as I can manage. Drawing has never been my strong point so I am going to practice. To start with I am following the ideas in a book called  'One Drawing a Day'.

I am posting my drawings for 1st and 2nd of January here. I am hoping to improve. If anyone would like to join me in doing a drawing a day, then leave a comment and maybe we can start a separate list or blog to share drawings. Drawings can be done using a sewing machine or by computer if that suits you better.

Happy New year and may you stick to your resolutions for as long as you can :-)

Drawing 1. 1st Jan 2013
The first exercise in the book is to draw a still life and the writers encourage you to just draw -don't worry too much if it is accurate, just keep the pen down and go for it.  I did this late at night on the 1st of Jan, after spending most of the day in the garden. I was putting off the first drawing as I was procrastinating about starting. These are a collection of Kokeshi dolls from Japan, which are on the bookcase at home. I might have another go at drawing them later using watercolor or pen and ink.

Drawing 2. 2nd Jan 2013
My sons and I spent 2 hours clearing a plant called Wandering Jew, aka Wandering Willy or Tradescantia fluminensis, from my mothers garden. New Zealanders will understand what a pain this plant is. It spreads through any shady spot in the garden, putting down roots and suffocating other plants. It is a real nuisance. We clear it one year and the next year it is all back again. I see some websites where people who live outside of New Zealand  worry that they can't keep this plant alive in a pot, I would gladly give them 8 large black rubbish bags of the stuff.
So here is my drawing for day 2.

 The book says to use pen and ink. I watered down the ink for the shading. The picture looks so innocuous , but if I chuck this scrap in the compost heap it will grow into a monster, see below.

Link for Photo above. 

The next drawing is supposed to be done using a bamboo pen but I couldn't find one of them so I will find and use a twig or feather.

So anyone want to join me?
More later


  1. This is a great idea. My sister gave me a lovely hardback sketchbook and two pens for Christmas and I was looking for some kind of 'teacher' as I am very out of practice with my drawing. I have sent for the book from Amazon - it will take a few days to arrive but I can make a start without it. I like the idea of a blog but I am not going to volunteer to manage it!

  2. This is a Cool Idea. A couple of My friends & I started doing this in 2016. We started out with 4 of us. Now, it's down to just two pf us left. Myself & my friend Pam. We sketch every day, with only a miss here or there maybe once in a blue moon, if something comes up that we can't get at it. We take turns picking the theme or topic. We did start this fall, with sketching just 2 x a week, which works much better for us. She works, so it got to be pretty hard for her to do every single day. Sorry for the book, but I'd like to join in with you guys, as we are running out of topics, and find that we're overlapping something we've already done. So maybe you can help us with that. Oh, and 1 other thing, We have what we call - A "Combo-Sketch" if we miss a day or two, due to being busy or unable to sketch that day, we "combine" a couple, into one. That tends to work out well, rather than trying to play Catch-Up with a Bunch of separate pics. We also have a "Free for All" day, we toss in once in awhile, where you can just sketch whatever you want & still share them, but no set topic. Oh my, after all this... I see now that your post was from 2013!!!! Are you still sketching ! ???? I hope so !!! Thanks for listening if you are still out there! lol